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“Most things that are hard to do in the beginning are easy to live with in the end. And the things that are easy to do in the beginning are hard to live with in the end.” – Amanda Graydon, Precision Nutrition

Tim Lochhead is a health and fitness enthusiast who has enjoyed experience the competitive fitness modeling scene in recent times. Much of his success can be attributed to a strong foundation of positive principles such as intelligence, diligence, and passion that often manifests as intensity. He has been blessed with a wonderful family who helped foster these qualities, and has also been fortunate to have friends, teachers, coaches and other mentors in his life to continually learn and improve through. His father has always been steadfast and thoughtful, and his Mother is always there as still enjoys her fantastic cooking which has been a valuable part in attaining his current physique. He also has an older sister that is a very talented and athlete and just happens to be a personal trainer, and her zest for life has definitely had a favorable effect on Tim.

Excelling academically from an early age, especially math and finance, led Tim to acquiring his Master of Accounting and Chartered Accountant designation. The stresses of studies though were offset by countless gym hours, and Tim fell in quickly love with training throughout University. With his recent break-out into the competitive circuit, Tim looks to further his involvement within the fitness community through sharing his knowledge and experiences with others in bringing everyone the same joy and health he has had the benefit to realize.

His unique background offers a valuable skill-set that is cross-utilized in fitness, business and beyond. For example, Tim demonstrates strong time management skills while competing in physique shows as a busy professional, and can relate to life’s hectic struggles. His analytic abilities have also been a tremendous asset in assessing and guiding his physical development. He crunches numbers in and out of the gym, and is proving that training is really a sweet science!

So not only does Tim believe in a strong set of guiding principles, he also lives and leads by example. Being dedicated and disciplined are often used to describe Tim, and this is because he is very much a thinker and considers his healthful habits a way of life that is second nature. Tim differentiates himself by asking the ‘whys’ and ‘how’s’ in implementing best practices and before arriving at conclusions. He demonstrates that living a healthy lifestyle is not a by-product of competing; rather, the lifestyle has resulted in the ability to compete. So, whether one wants to take to the stage or not, the benefits and satisfaction of great health can be enjoyed by all.

Trying to do the right thing has also highlighted the importance being a natural athlete, and this is part of the secret of where Tim’s motivation comes from. Being one of the “skinny kids” growing up, Tim knew he was capable of more and wanted to prove that anyone can follow their dreams with intelligent focus and determined pursuit. In the toughest moments of adversity, Tim thinks beyond himself and perseveres for anyone who has ever been told of the impossible, including those struggling with their health goals and especially for fellow “hard-gainers”. This is the spirit of the physique athlete – to push the limits and endure hardship. This is a sign of the strength that our physical achievements represent. When we realize this, and when we live this, we are all winners.

Tim continues to be grateful for having the opportunity to pursue his passion on this great journey, and hopes for the best of health and well-being for us all!

“Obsessed is just a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated.” – Russell Warren

PLACE OF BIRTH: Burlington, Ontario, Canada

BIRTHDAY: July 1, 1981

RESIDENCE: Burlington, Ontario, Canada

OCCUPATION: Chartered Accountant

HEIGHT: 5'9"




HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown

(derived from an award winning American Gladiator competition costume!)

FITNESS GOALS: To inspire and support others in living a healthful lifestyle, and leading by example through putting forth my best effort with intelligent and hard work. Of course, some natural physique titles and magazine cover opportunities are very welcomed

BIGGEST INFLUENCE: I have been very blessed to acquire a great work ethic and set of values from my Mother and Father.

FAVORITE FOODS: I will try to keep this brief as there are lots! Grass-fed beef T-Bone steak for meat, wild Alaskan salmon for fish, mango/pineapple/banana salad for fruit, Butternut squash for a veggie (as this can be prepared like mashed potatoes or fries), cooked organic red quinoa for a ‘carb’ item (it mixes great with anything!), and natural almond butter with a celery spoon for nuts.

FAVORITE CHEAT FOODS: I love a quote from Socrates here in that “some men live to eat; I eat to live”. The closest I come to a ‘cheat’ food is 99% cacao, although generous servings of nuts (macadamias) and cheeses (extra old/sharp cheddar) can follow a competition! (A little item of interest for anyone else lactose intolerant is that raw milk cheeses are lactose-free because the natural enzymes remain intact and deal with the lactose through the fermentation of the milk to cheese. Not to mention you get to enjoy the full health benefits of the enzymes and cheese!)

FAVORITE EXERCISE: Whatever is effective and pushes me the hardest – right now this is Bulgarian split squats.

FAVORITE BODYPART: That’s like picking a favorite child – I love them all equally! So what I am saying is that my favorite physical qualities are symmetry and proportion; a balanced presentation along with superb conditioning is what I believe to be the hallmark of a physique athlete.

FAVORITE SUPPLEMENTS: Fish oil is the king; protein powders (according to what you tolerate) for workouts.

FAVORITE MOVIES: Mostly comedies like The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Superbad or Zoolander, with a mix of some action flicks including 300. Just wait until I break out ‘magnum’ at my next show;)

FAVORITE TV SHOW: So You Think You Can Dance

FAVORITE ACTORS: Will Farrell and Ben Stiller

FAVORITE SPORTS: I must note I am a fan of all athletic activities; with hockey, baseball, soccer and MMA leading the way from a spectator standpoint, and track/sprinting for participating.

FAVORITE MUSICAL INTERESTS: I’ll load up the software with some high-energy dance for the gym or Jeep

FAVORITE BOOKS/AUTHORS: Anything by Charles Poliquin, Christian Thibaudeau, or Jonny Bowden

INTERESTS & HOBBIES: Outside of fitness, and perhaps the most surprising ‘did you know’ factoid about me is that I was into comic books and free hand sketching BIG TIME throughout school. I also sketch the apparel for my competition theme wear and costumes, and still pick up Thor – my all-time favorite superhero.

YEARS EXPERIENCE IN THIS SPORT: I am into my 2nd year on the competitive circuit. I started out with endurance training in 1998, and began strength training as a supplemental protocol. My passionate fire towards a physique-specific focus was sparked in 2001.

ADVICE FOR THE BEGINNER: Start with a foundation of solid principles – intelligence, perseverance, and integrity. Real results come with honest, hard work and balance – think along the lines of “you are only as strong as your weakest link” when considering training, diet, and rest/recovery. We also acquire and exhibit traits of those around us, so searching out and keeping good company (family, friends, coaches and other positive mentors) will help facilitate all this!

WHAT’S IN YOUR GYM BAG: I have a MASSIVE gym bag that is a mountain backpack, which everyone at the gym loves to poke some good fun at lol! It includes: a marathon runners race pouch loaded with pre-made para-workout (pre and post) shakes, a thick training binder used for recording all program particulars (exercises, sets, reps, weight, etc.), clothes and
shoes, spare equipment like a dipping belt and ankle cuff, chalk, some amenities, and my candies – post workout chewable vitamin C tablets;)

Year Competition Result
2008 UFE Halloween Mayhem - Male Fitness Model 2nd place
2008 UFE presents MVP Quest - Male Fitness Model 2nd place
2009 Fitness STAR London - Level 3 Male Muscular Fitness Model 1st place


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